Daily Grind: Obama's Role in the DHS Assault on Liberty

The Obama Role in the DHS Assault on Freedom: When Did He Know, and Why Didn't He Stop It?
The President needs to come clean and tell the American people when he learned about this horrifying attack on personal freedom and why he did not intervene to end the assault.


The Barstool Economist: The Coming Health Care Titanic
Once the government is done with it, the American health care system will look more like the Titanic then an unhampered private system with a healthy price mechanism.


The Clews-Todd Report Episode 4
The Executive Editor along with the Director of Research give an important update on the DHS "Right-Wing Extremism" memo.


ALG in the News: Fox News Interview on Homeland Security "sources" memo.
Nathan Methrens from ALG Research is featured on Fox News on an update on the "right-wing extremist" memo and what sources were used.