NetRight Daily: Right-Wing Extremist Report is Back

Crazy Website Part of DHS Report: Earlier today we reported on the sources that the Department of Homeland Security used in their "Right-Wing Extremism" report. It appeared after reading through all the information, that the primary sources used in this report were all gathered from a hasty Google search. Millions of tax dollars were spent while government employees searched the internet for stories that backed their case up.


ALG Finds New Details on DHS "Right-Wing Extreemist" Report: Americans for Limited Government, which is the parent group of NetRight Nation, had it's Research Department do some digging on the right-wing threat assessment released from the Homeland Security Department. What they turned up was very interesting.


Nancy Pelosi Reconvenes House Un-American Activities Committee: It is nothing short of a complete political meltdown. Congressional reaction to their own constituents' opposition to ObamaCare has transformed into a theater of the absurd. And there will be a stiff political price to be paid.


"When in the course of human events...": Many historians agree, the United States of American was founded with federalism at its core. This meant that each state would have it's own jurisdiction to govern its citizens on all accounts that were not granted to the federal government or banned to the states.


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