NH DHHS - Five NH Broadcast Groups Recognized Nationally

Over $1,000,000 Drug-Free Messages Aired


Concord - Partnership for a Drug-Free America / New Hampshire announced today that ABC Hearst-Argyle WMUR-TV9, Citadel Broadcasting (WOKQ, WPKQ, WSHK, WSAK), Clear Channel Broadcasting (WGIR), Northeast Communications (WSCY, WFTN, WPNH), and Puffer Broadcasting (WYKR/WTWN) have earned the 2008 Partnership “Media Excellence Award” for their outstanding support in airing drug prevention and treatment messages on their stations. This award is presented to recognize local media support in an effort to help reduce and prevent drug use/abuse by youth, encourage parent/child dialogue on the dangers of drugs and help reach those in need with a message that treatment can work and recovery is possible. The New Hampshire outlets named join only 5% of television and radio stations in the United States being recognized by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America for their efforts.


“The ‘Media Excellence Award’ is a small thank you to the outstanding service these stations offer. These 5 broadcast groups together aired more then $1,000,000 dollars worth of public service announcements to help lower the incidence of illegal substance use,” said Nancy Jackson-Reno, coordinator of Partnership for a Drug-Free NH. “The 2008 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study, (PATS) indicates a strong correlation between increased teen exposure to anti-drug messages in the media and a decreased likelihood of trying drugs over the past ten years. Four out of ten teens (41 percent) agreed that seeing/hearing anti-drug messages made them more aware of the risks of using drugs and less likely to try drugs (42 percent).”


The Partnership for a Drug-Free America has more than 30 state and city affiliate partners. Partnership for a Drug-Free New Hampshire, with support from the NH Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), began as an alliance in November of 1994 with a mission to help youth reject substance abuse by influencing attitudes through a statewide media educational campaign and to reach out to people with addictions to let them know that treatment can work and recovery is possible.


For more information on the Partnership for a Drug-Free NH, please call 800-804-0909 (press 2) or 603-271-4972. For more information on the Partnership for a Drug-Free America and their new initiatives go to www.drugfree.org.