NRN 500: Crazy Website Used in DHS Report

Earlier today we reported on the sources that the Department of Homeland Security used in their "Right-Wing Extremism" report.


It appeared after reading through all the information, that the primary sources used in this report were all gathered from a hasty Google search. Millions of tax dollars were spent while government employees searched the internet for stories that backed their case up.


One website that was used as a "source" was extremely troubling. The website that should be of great concern, What Does it Mean, appears to report stories about other worldly events. Aside from having satanic symbols in the masthead of the site, this source was used extensively in the report that went after veterans, pro-lifers and second amendment supporters. Essentially, this site reports news in the manner that the National Enquirer does, but it's news that deserves the attention of no one.


Here is a sample of stories that are running on their front page right now:


"Radio to God" Reported Destroyed by American Scientist


Death Star Pandemic of 2009-2012: End of Age Begins


Cataclysmic Hypershift War Begins End of Age


This site is nothing more than a conspiracy site. There is nothing being reported on this site that is relevant information for the supposed "threat assessment" that DHS made for police departments in regards to "Right-Wing" extremists. However, DHS thought that this site was so good, they cited it 11 times.


What is the Obama administration doing using these types of sources? What happened to the people that wrote this report? Are they still working at DHS? What is Janet Napolitano's knowledge of these sites being used as sources in these reports?


This story originally appeared on NetRight Nation and was written by Adam Bitely.