NetRight Daily: Obama's Role in the Right-Wing Extremist Report?

What was Obama's Role in the "Right-Wing Extremist" DHS Report?: In April of this year, the Obama Administration deliberately -- and deceptively -- used a frighteningly kooky website to condemn tens of millions of innocent Americans who have fought for their country, cherish the sanctity of life, or stand up for the 10th Amendment.


Rep. Frank Katrovil (D-MD) Dodges Questions: Activist Gary Johnston is persistent. He wanted to know if his congressman, Frank Katrovil (D-MD), could tell him where the Constitution granted congress the authority to spend money on a Socialized Medicine program. After being asked several times, and never answering, Mr. Katrovil heads away leaving his constituents wondering if he knows anything about the most important document in the nation.


The Coming Health Care Titanic: Trade offs are a part of every economic decision whether someone is going to the grocery store or deciding on health care treatments. And in a previous article called "The 'Invisible Hand'... or the Hand of Death?," we looked at how the lack of a trade-off mechanism in the past caused health care costs to soar.


Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Takes a Phone Call...: This is easily the most arrogant move I have seen any politician pull during the town hall season this August.


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