NHAC - Defending the NH Advantage Pork Roast

Concord, NH- the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition (NHAC) announces the “Defending the New Hampshire Advantage Pork Roast” on Saturday, August 29th at 11am to 3pm at the Rochester Fair Ground in downtown Rochester, NH.


They are joined by the following organizations;


*Steward of Prosperity

*NH 9.12 Project

*Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers

*Cornerstone Policy Research


The ‘New Hampshire Advantage’ is the belief that low taxes are the result of low spending; a government can only be fair to its taxpayers when it is run more efficiently; and that the states’ low tax advantage of no income or sales tax is worth fighting for.


This event is an opportunity for concerned citizens to educate themselves on several various local, state, and federal issues and meet with other taxpayers from across the state and region. Kevin Smith, Director of the Cornerstone Policy Research stated “New Hampshire’s families and businesses are losing the ‘advantage’ of low taxation, frugal government, and local control that have made our state a desirable place for not only residents, but vacationer’s as well.” Smith continued “we hope that taxpayers will join us at this event to help in the continued defense of keeping the granite state from an income or sales tax.”


The ‘Pork Roast’ will be a scheduled annual item for taxpayers to gather near the end of each and every summer. This year’s location was designated in part by the successful passage of Rochester’s spending cap last November. There will be a speakers program, awards ceremony and information booths from other groups for event goers to accent the lunch provided.


Fred Tausch, founder of STEWARD of Prosperity, underscored the grassroots importance of the event, “New Hampshire residents are becoming increasingly aware that the spend-a-thon in Washington and Concord threatens their economic future. That’s why conservatives across the state are rolling up their sleeves to lead the fight for fiscal discipline. The ‘Pork Roast’ in Strafford County reflects the continued resurgence of strong grassroots organizing in the state.”