CEI Weekly: Berlau on "Government Motors"

>>[VIDEO]John Berlau Talks About the Future of GM on Fox Business

This week John Berlau, Director of the Center for Investors and Entrepreneurs, discusses GM and Fritz Henderson's recent press conference on the future of GM.



>>Shaping the Debate

Global Warming Policiesare the Real National Security Threat

Iain Murray Op-Edin the National Review


Health Bill Could Allow Government Access to Personal Financial Records

Wayne Crews Quoted in the Washington Examiner


Trustbusters Should Call Off Fishing Expedition in Microsoft-Yahoo Deal

Ryan Radia and Jonathan Hillel Op-edin the Seattle Times


What Caused the Chino Riot

Eli Lehrer Op-ed in the National Review


Insurance Against Terrorism

Eli Lehrer Op-ed in the Weekly Standard


Political Climate for Energy Policy Cools

Myron Ebell Quoted in the Las Vegas Review Journal


Obama Science Czar Considered Forced Abortions

William Yeatman Quoted in Foxnews.com



>>Best of the Blogs

Fact Checkers: Obama is Lying About Health Care

by Hans Bader

USA Today caught Obama telling three fibs about health care, such as falsely claiming that “under the reform we’re proposing, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.”


NCAA V. Delaware Sports Gambling

by Michelle Minton

Over the past few months the NCAA, along with the four major pro-sports leagues, has been a vocal opponent of Delaware’s attempts to legalize per-game sports gambling in the State. They were among the group of sports leagues that petitioned a federal judge to issue an injunction to stop the state. Like the pro-sports leagues, the NCAA believes that allowing gambling in the state will damage the reputation of college athletics and increase the temptation for players to cheat.


UBS-IRS deal — U.S. Constitutional liberties, privacy rights at risk after Obama bullies the Swiss

by John Berlau

Lawyers for the U.S. government and the Swiss bank UBS AG have announced that they have reached a deal on releasing to the US the names of UBS account holders.. . As Fred Smith and I had explained in a Washington Times op-ed, after UBS, with the Swiss government’s full cooperation, turned over the names of 250 customers suspected of violating U.S. tax laws, the U.S. government turned around and asked for a whopping 52,000 names.


Neutering the Net

by Jack O' Connor

The net neutrality movement is an unfortunate departure from the “keep your hands off my Internet” attitude long held by many on the Web. Advocates of neutrality legislation are asking Congress to write into law what they see as an Internet that treats everyone equally. They are concerned that new technologies and business models might give big players an advantage over the little guy, or worse, that ISPs might use their market power to force a crippled Internet on their customers. Both fears rest on significant misconceptions.



>>LibertyWeek podcast

Episode 55: The Health Care Mob is Coming

Your host Richard Morrison welcomes back returning guest co-host Jeremy Lott and distinguished special guest David Mark of the Politico for Episode 55 of the LibertyWeek podcast. We start with reports of unrest over health care in the provinces, the U.S. Postal Service’s death spiral and the globe trotting ways of members of Congress. We continue with some sadly familiar antitrust murmurs regarding Apple and Google, a classic union corruption scandal out of New York City and some inspiring and heroic Paralympic News.



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