freekeenenews - Liberty Activists Walk Out of Live Free or Die Court Hearing


Keene area liberty activists turned out heavily to support Jean Coutu’s Live Free or Die Rally in the face of an assault from the Jaffrey gangsters in their “superior” court. There were so many liberty activists, it was standing room only in the meager just- over-20 seat 2nd courtroom. An angry-looking bailiff approached the standing activists and told them they had to sit or leave. As the seats were already filled with news reporters, liberty activists, and Coutu supporters, some activists offered to sit on the ground, as there would be no way to experience the trial on CCTV outside the court. Bailiffs returned and the activists chose to leave rather than be arrested.


First up was a woman accused of “Violation of Probation”. (The probation system is one of the sick ways they keep poor people poor, and in the system. It’s so easy to VOP.) The bailiffs enter and the “all rise” is uttered. Several activists on the right side of the room remain seated. A bailiff glares at us and utters “all rise” again. The situation doesn’t change, and the robed man comes in. After the trial, the robed man takes a “recess”, and “all rise” is uttered. Bailiffs again take issue with those staying seated, and Free Keene blogger Sam Dodson is sitting closest to the bailiff. Sam steadfastly refuses to rise, noting his Quaker religion. Bailiffs back down again.


Moments later, a white haired man seen earlier conversing with Coutu, approaches Sam and requests that we “behave”. This is confusing, as on the forum thread, in which Coutu participates, it seems clear that he doesn’t mind that people are planning to remain seated for the robed man. Perhaps Coutu’s associates were not aware that this was to occur. Regardless, activists prepared to leave the court rather than stand up for the robed man and inquired with Coutu as to whether we should go or stay. Coutu seemed confused and said he wanted us to stay, but on the other hand his associate most definitely didn’t want us there unless we’d obey. Rather than continue to be the possible source of strife between Coutu (who wanted us there) and his associate (who didn’t), we chose to leave the court. At least five liberty activists joined in the walkout.