Rep Ulery (R-Hills 27) Attends Human Trafficking Signing

Representative Jordan Ulery (R-Hudson, Litchfield, Pelham) attended the signing of the Anti-Human Trafficking law for New Hampshire this past Wednesday. In his first term as a State Representative, Ulery introduced legislation regarding this abuse of humans. When he introduced his bill before Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee Ulery said, “This is a bill designed to stop the Coyotes, and I don’t mean the grey kind, from benefiting from human suffering.” It took repeated efforts to get legislation through both houses of the New Hampshire General Court.


Prime Sponsor, Suzanne Harvey (D-Nashua), took over a study committee after the State Senator who formed it took no effective action. Representative Harvey introduced information regarding sex slave trade right here in New Hampshire. Ulery was motivated to introduce his legislation and the accompanying peonage bill because of the active slave trade in labor that took place in Litchfield several years ago. Ulery stated “Human Trafficking legislation at the state level gives state law enforcement the means to actively investigate and prosecute those who would prey on the poor in our midst.”


Ulery also had previously sponsored with Representative Andy Renzullo legislation to train law enforcement in the complexities of immigration law through a Memorandum of Understanding with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. That legislation did not pass the muster of the Democrat controlled house. It would have trained law enforcement in the levels of protection offered for those that are found bound to a pimp or slave holder. The Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence is supporting on-going training for New Hampshire Law Enforcement personnel to identify labor and sexual trafficking cases. According to Representative Ulery, additional legislative efforts remain to be undertaken to give law enforcement the tools and training needed to effectively protect those who have been abused by Human Trafficking.