Only Days After Meeting With Liberal Bloggers, Shea-Porter Announces She Won’t Host In Person Town Hall Meetings With Constituents



CONCORD – The Union Leader reports today that Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter will not host in person town hall meetings during the August recess, and will only participate in controlled, telephone “town halls.” Her decision to refuse all face to face contact with New Hampshire residents comes only days after she appeared at a liberal blogger convention in Pennsylvania.


“If Carol Shea-Porter can find the time to meet face to face with far-left bloggers, there is no reason why she cannot extend the same courtesy to the people who elected her to the United States Congress. Her decision is a slap in the face of the First District residents who rightfully expect the opportunity to question their Congresswoman in a traditional, New Hampshire town hall format,” said NHGOP Communications Director Ryan Williams. “If Ms. Shea-Porter doesn’t have the courage to answer tough questions from voters about her support for higher taxes, reckless spending and the Democrats’ disastrous health care agenda, she should not be running for reelection.”


On Sunday, the Portsmouth Herald (8/16) blasted Shea-Porter for ducking her constituents and refusing to defend her support for the Democrats’ disastrous health care agenda. The paper also slammed her participation in telephone “town halls,” saying that the artificial format is no substitute for a traditional, face to face, New Hampshire town hall meeting.


“The whole concept of a telephone town hall meeting is flawed. We live in New England, where the town meeting form of government originated and where it still thrives. We know how a town meeting is supposed to work, and it certainly isn't by telephone.” writes the Herald. “[Shea-Porter] doesn't want to face questions from people who disagree with her positions, particularly on health care. We find this curious and regrettable, especially given her history of challenging her predecessor, Jeb Bradley, for nearly two years during his town hall meetings.”


While Shea-Porter has declined to meet with New Hampshire voters, she has managed to find time in her “busy” schedule to meet with far-left bloggers. On Friday, Shea-Porter ditched the Granite State to attend the “Netroots Nation” conference in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and address a friendly crowd of liberal bloggers. She has also committed to appear at the “Blue Hampshire Bash” on August 24 in Concord and mix and mingle with Democrat Party insiders, more far-left bloggers and liberal activists.