NRCC - Politico: Shea-Porter Under Fire

Politico’s “The Scorecard” reports that Carol Shea-Porter is “under fire because she hasn’t held any town halls.”


Remember When?

Not too long ago, Shea-Porter was a big supporter of town halls, but now she won’t face her constituents who are frustrated by her liberal voting record and want to voice their concerns with a government-run healthcare system. Watch Here


“The same Carol Shea-Porter who campaigned on town halls is failing to give her constituents the same opportunity to voice their opinions, or I should say frustrations. Town halls are a tradition in New Hampshire, so it’s no surprise that Shea-Porter’s constituents are disappointed. She’s correct in her ad that some of her constituents may not know her -- it’s because she won’t meet with them. In a turn of events plagued by broken promises, now the people of New Hampshire are ‘begging’ her to host an in person town hall. How can she ‘speak’ for her constituents when she won’t even meet with them?” – Tory Mazzola, NRCC Spokesman


Additional Background Information


8/19/09: Poll: Granite Staters Disagree with Hodes, Shea-Porter Town Hall Avoidance: Forty percent of Granite State voters strongly disapprove of Reps. Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter’s decision not to hold town hall meetings on health care during the congressional August recess


Union Leader: August 19, 2009: If God has given Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes the brains He has bestowed on little green frogs, New Hampshire's two U.S. representatives will wise up and submit themselves this month to actual face-to-face, unrestricted meetings with their constituents. The longer they wait, the worse they look, and the happier are their political rivals. The ducking duo need not take our word for it (though no doubt they do). The Portsmouth Herald's editorial page, which points in a different direction than this one, took up the issue last weekend. Here are excerpts: This year members of Congress came home to find some of their constituents concerned about the direction Washington and the Obama administration are taking the country. Some are angry about the bailouts of the banking and automobile industries. Some think the country is being pushed toward becoming a socialistic state. And some are scared about -- and don't want -- potential changes in health care being spurred on at a rapid pace by the President. As a result, in some districts outside New England, there have been instances of people disrupting the typical so-called town hall meetings that members hold by angrily shouting down the senators or representatives and just plain disrupting the purpose of the event. (more)