Sam Adams Alliance - Pro-Government Healthcare Forces on the Run!


Then there's no time to waste! Americans have been mobilizing across the country to stopproposed government-runhealth carebills in their tracks and thanks to them, the "public option" is on the ropes and pro-government forces are in retreat. This weekend, across America,citizens just like you will be rallying outside Congressional offices to send a message to their representatives:America will not stand for government-controlled medicine!


And YOUcan join the effort. It's simple!


Just sign up to join the Sam Adams Alliance's effort to learn more about free market solutions to health care and how to participate in aRecess Rally in your community on Saturday, August 22nd.


Reply to this email to share your story about fighting big government with the Sam Adams Allianceand not only will we feature you, your organization or your blog on the Health Administration Bureauand Sam Adams Alliancewebsites, but we'll also enter you into a drawing to win one of our spectacular prizes! We have HAB tshirts; signed books by some of your favorite conservative authors, Sam Adams bobble heads, and more!


Pleaseforward this email to all of your friends so that they'll know how to join the effort and stop government-controlled medicine, too!


So hit the streets, America! We'll see you at the Recess Rally!