NetRight Daily: MSNBC Commits Despicable Actions

MSNBC Commits Despicable Actions: MSNBC is up to their typical routine of running erronious reports. One from yesterday was particularly troubling. Please check this out and immediately contact MSNBC and NBC.


Privatize ANWR: Last year at this time, as gas prices rose and the economy tanked, the hot button issue was energy. The Left believed that humans were overindulging and the only action to take was to reduce the nation's "carbon footprint." While the Right believed that America should only increase production of domestic oil.


Target 92 for Health Care Vote: We have developed a target list of the top 92 Democrats that can be switched on their Health Care vote. This list includes blue dogs and vulnerables. If we can take action now on this list, we will have a high chance of success on stopping the Health Care bill this September, no matter what form it is in.


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