CONCORD – Today, former New Hampshire Governor and Republican State Committee Chairman John H. Sununu released the following statement on Senator Judd Gregg’s health care forums:


“I applaud Senator Judd Gregg for being the first member of the New Hampshire delegation to host a traditional, face-to-face forum with his constituents during the August recess. Senator Gregg has been a leader in the fight against the Democrats’ disastrous health care agenda, and he understands that New Hampshire voters deserve the right to question their elected representatives in an open and unrestricted environment.


“Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter have spent the entire August recess dodging their constituents and refusing to answer questions about their support for a government takeover of health care. They have used contrived telephone ‘town halls’ as inadequate excuses to avoid face-to-face contact with the people who elected them to the United States Congress. If Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter don’t have the courage to appear in person to defend their support for the Democrats’ budget-busting, job-killing health care legislation, they should not be running for public office.”