NRCC - Foster's: Shea-Porter Hears Tough Talk On Health Care

On the same day that Politico’s “The Scorecard” reported that Carol Shea-Porter is “under fire” for not hosting face-to-face town hall meetings, Shea-Porter hears “tough talk on health care” from her constituents . . . over the phone.


Key Excerpts From Foster’s Daily Democrat Story (And Key Unanswered Questions)


“Shea-Porter said she isn't ruling out holding traditional live town hall forums in the future . . .” [Exactly when will the people of New Hampshire get to know?]


“A retired teacher . . . expressed concern that a government-run health care plan would no longer allow her to see the doctor of her choice . . . Shea-Porter responded by stressing the bills being worked on would put forward reform still allowing individuals to see the doctor of their choice.” [What? The AP in a myth-fact format addressed this yesterday, saying “when Obama tells people they can just continue with the plans they have now if they are happy with them, that can't be taken at face value . . . Tax provisions could end up making it cheaper for some employers to pay a fee to end their health coverage, nudging some patients into a public plan with different doctors and benefits.” (Calvin Woodward, The Associated Press, August 19, 2009)]


“[Shea-Porter] said a public option would promote competition in the insurance market.” [How does more government create more competition?]



Shea-Porter hears tough talk on health care

Foster’s Daily Democrat


PORTSMOUTH — Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter took "tough" questions from AARP members calling into a Wednesday teleconference when they grilled her about how a government-run health care option would impact Medicare and whether its passage could allow taxpayer dollars to subsidize everything from abortions to illegal immigrants.

The second-term congresswoman shrugged off concerns . . . [Read More]



Guinta to Shea-Porter: Okay, Then I’ll Have a Town Hall Meeting -- In a move that’s as in-your-face as you can get, Manchester, NH Mayor and Republican candidate for Congress Frank Guinta will host a health care town hall in Exeter on August 31st. In the press release announcing the town hall, the Guinta campaign doesn’t even pretend that the move is anything other than a slap at incumbent Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01).


“It is unthinkable, that an elected leader who herself is famous for her attendance and outspoken opposition at her predecessors’ town halls, would simply refuse to allow the same opportunity to her constituents, “said Guinta.


Shea-Porter, who was a vocal anti-war activist before winning her seat in 2006, essentially hounded then-Republican Congressman Jeb Bradley at his town halls in the years leading up to their race.