CEI Weekly: Remembering Rose Friedman and Robert Novak

>>CEI Remembers Rose Friedman and Robert Novak

>>Fred Smith and Ryan Youngwrite onthe contributions of Rose Friedman to human freedom.

>>Fred Smith, Myron Ebell, and Gary Howard write on the distinguished career of Robert Novak.



>>Shaping the Debate

Is Google Book Deal a Threat to Privacy?

Ryan Radia's Op-ed in the Washington Examiner


Comments on the FDA's Draft Guidance for Industry, Presenting Risk Information In Prescription Drug and Medical Device Promotion

Greg Conko's Regulatory comments to the FDA on CEI.org


Airline Deregulation

Fred Smith's Article in the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics


Shoppers Boycott Whole Foods, CEO's Health Care Views

Michelle Minton's Letter in OpposingViews.com



>>Best of the Blogs

"ObamaCare is All About Rationing" and Tax Increases, Obama Adviser Says

by Hans Bader

"ObamaCare is all about rationing,” says one of Obama’s own advisers, Martin Feldstein. Feldstein... Civil-libertarian and former ACLU board member Nat Hentoff says that after reading Obama’s health-care plan, he was more scared of the Obama Administration than any other Administration he’s lived under.


Former ACORN Las Vegas Director to Testify Against Organization

by Ivan Osorio

The former director of the Las Vegas chapter of the far-left advocacy group ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) has agreed to testify against the organization, in exchange for a plea to reduced charges.


UBS Deal Only a Partial Victory for the Feds

by John Berlau

After a long and protracted battle between the U.S. and Swiss government, Swiss bank UBS AG agreed to turn over the names of at least 4,450 U.S. holders of accounts in Switzerland... American civil liberties advocates on either side of the political fence should be alarmed by the U.S. government’s sweeping disregard of privacy interests in its original demands to the Swiss government, and should encourage their home country to never treat privacy and another country’s sovereignty so cavalierly again.


OSHA Nominee Is Anti-Gun Ideologue and Junk Science Peddler

by Hans Bader

Obama has nominated David Michaels, an anti-gun activist, to head the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)... Michaels also has links to wealthy breast implant lawyers, who relied on junk science to drive silicone implants from the market, even though they remained available to consumers in most other Western countries



>>LibertyWeek podcast

Episode 56: On the Waterfront

In episode 56, we start with the White House compromising on healthcare, the unintended consequences of the Credit Cardholders Bill of Rights and a Pirate (party) invasion of Britain. We continue with a scandalous blast from the past on the New York City waterfront, an appreciation of the life of Les Paul from Ivan Osorio and some fender-bending Olympic News.



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