Daily Grind: Obamacare At Any Cost

Reid: ObamaCare "By Any Legislative Means Necessary"
Reid, Pelosi, and Obama with but one option to force ObamaCare on the American people: to change the rules and eliminate the filibuster in a sharp departure from more than 200 years of parliamentary history.


Health Care Rationing: It's No Myth!
Rationing decisions, like those made within Britain's National Health Service, are made within a system that both guides and ethically justifies them but it is still rationing.


The Overnights from NetRight Nation
Executive Director of NetRight Nation Adam Bitely gives the weekly update on what is going on around the blogosphere and what is coming.


Too Hot Not Too Note: Catch me if you can
The American Spectator writer Peter Ferrara illustrates very plainly the coming negative effects of Obamacare.