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In June, the U.S. House debated and passed a so-called “cap and trade” bill, or global warming tax, that would create a $9.4 trillion hole in the economy over the next 25 years. Then, in July, the White House and Congressional leadership made a push to pass a sweeping health care bill which will cost $1.5 trillion and put us on a path to government control of our health care decisions.


Every August, the U.S. Congress takes one month off to work in their districts. And, across the country, Americans are speaking out. You have probably seen the videos on You Tube. Members of Congress who used to have 50 people show up at their local townhall meetings are often finding that over 1,000 constituents show up – many of whom cannot get a seat.


You, and many others like you, have been raising legitimate questions, starting with “is this even a proper role for our federal government?”, and “is it Constitutional?” The questions have usually been thoughtful and specific, oftenwith references to provisions in the legislation or to the principles upon which our country was founded.


The Heritage Foundation’s blog – The Foundry – has posted a series of stories and videos from townhall meetings across the country to highlight what the people are telling their elected representatives. Please send me links to your townhall meeting YouTube videos and news stories, and Heritage may highlight them in this series called “Townhall Downfall.”



Still, news from the White House and Congressional leaders is that both of these issues will be front and center again this fall, so I've included links below whichyou might find helpful in your own messaging.


Global Warming Tax


The Heritage Foundation has produced a state-by-state analysis of the global warming tax. When you click here you will find a chart where you can chose your state and see what type of economic impact this legislation will have on your economy.


And as prices at the pump have been slowly creeping higher, analyst Ben Lieberman discusses the Five Things Congress and the President Are Doing to Bring Back Sky-High Gas Prices.


Health Care


Heritage is also continuing to work on health care policy ideas that do not include a government takeover. This week we hosted a Health Care Tele-Town Hall with analyst Nina Owcharenko. You can listen to it here.More than 3,000 Heritage supporters called in from across the country to hear Nina's update on the debate and answer questions.


Moreresearch and commentarythatyou might find helpful:


Five Questions for Health Care Townhalls
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A Parade of Trojan Horses
How’s That Government-run Health Care Working Out Britain?
How’s That Government-run Health Care Working Out Canada?
How Lack of Consumer Choice Drives Up Health Care Costs
Fact Checking the White House on Health Care
Obamacare: The Marriage of Big Government and Big Insurance


You can track all of our work on health care at www.fixhealthcarepolicy.com



New Study on Juvenile Crime Sentencing


Many on the left led by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch want to end life without parole sentencing for juvenile killers. Heritage just completed a study called, Adult Time for Adult Crimes, to reveal the types of offenders currently sentenced to life in prison and demonstrate that it is a rarely used and constitutionally appropriate sentence.


RightOnline 2009


Our InsiderOnline editor, Alex Adrianson, and I went to the RightOnline conference in Pittsburgh last week. The conference’s goal is to help equip conservatives to compete online with our liberal counterparts.


Check out our blog posts and videos from the event.