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Manchester Union Leader Editorial

Our Spending Twins

Shea-Porter, Hodes Can’t Say No


Our two representatives to Congress, Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter, talk the talk about holding down spending. However, when they get the chance they seem to have no trouble voting “yes” for increased spending.


Last month there was a proposed 5 percent cut in fiscal 2010 appropriations to fund agriculture programs. This would have cut only $1.1 billion from the bill’s $20.5 billion spending. Voting not to cut were Hodes and Shea-Porter. Also last month, a proposed 5 percent cut to water and energy spending was proposed and, once again, Hodes and Shea-Porter voted not to cut the spending.


With this year’s deficit heading to $2 trillion of borrowed money, a world record, it will take courage to cut budgets in Washington. We don’t see that coming from our delegation in the U.S. House.



Nashua Telegraph Editorial

Lawmakers Must Stand Up to Critics


Key Excerpts

“New Hampshire's representatives in Congress, Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter, need to meet with their constituents in the open town-hall format to discuss health care. They need to do so as soon as possible, and they need to stand up for what they believe in despite the bullying tactics of the opposition.”

“If, as they say, they support the key components of the plan now working its way through the House of Representatives, they need to follow the example of Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank, who went toe-to-toe with the an unruly crowd Tuesday night in Dartmouth, Mass., and gave as good as he got.”

“Only Sen. Judd Gregg has hosted open, public events with a forum Thursday in Salem.”

“Every schoolboy knows you can only avoid the bully for so long. Eventually, he has to be confronted to be defused.”

“Whether Shea-Porter or Hodes are planning open town-hall meetings is a moving target. Shea-Porter earlier in the month issued a statement suggesting that she would not, but that could change any day now. Hodes has alluded to the possibility of open town-hall meetings at some point in the near future but has provided no specifics.”

“Avoiding these meetings only feeds into the hysteria. Our lawmakers need to stand up for their beliefs, no matter how unruly the crowd.”

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Faith in Obama Drops As Reform Fears Rise

Health-Care Effort Is Major Factor, Poll Finds

By Dan Balz and Jon Cohen Washington Post August 21, 2009 A1


NOTE: Disapproval of Obama's handling of the health-care issue reached 50 percent in the new poll, the highest of his presidency, and 42 percent of those surveyed say they now "strongly disapprove" of the way he is dealing with his main domestic priority. Views of the president's actions on reform have dropped most sharply among seniors and independents...Disapproval of Obama's handling of the reform issue has spiked to 57 percent among independents, a new high, with nearly half giving him strongly negative marks. Nearly six in 10 independents oppose the proposals.


Public confidence in President Obama's leadership has declined sharply over the summer, amid intensifying opposition to health-care reform that threatens to undercut his attempt to enact major changes to the system, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.


Among all Americans, 49 percent now express confidence that Obama will make the right decisions for the country, down from 60 percent at the 100-day mark in his presidency. Forty-nine percent now say they think he will be able to spearhead significant improvements in the system, down nearly 20 percentage points from before he took office.


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