DSCC - Ayotte Camp: Ayotte "can't be held responsible" for choices made

The New Hampshire Democratic Party took the assault against U.S. Senate Republican candidate-to-be Kelly Ayotte with a stinging Web ad video charging her with flip-flopping on key issues.

As the music rolls on with “Say What You Need To Say,’’ it includes statements from the party and then raw video of Ayotte speaking at the Wolfeboro Republican event this month and then at an anti-casino-gambling event several months ago.

The most serious allegation is Ayotte’s changing view on stimulus money as someone who championed the cold case unit being funded with $700,000 in Congress-supplied cash and then attacking the stimulus as this “bottomless pot of money’’ Congress has tossed out the window that has done little to improve the economy.

Ayotte spokesman Brooks Kochvar called the video “ludicrous’’ and an illustration that the Democratic heavies in the state are panicked at the thought that the ex-attorney general will defeat Democratic Congressman Paul Hodes if that’s the matchup in 2010.

“She was attorney general and responsible for administering tens of millions of dollars in federal grants,’’ Kochvar said. “She can’t be held responsible for all those choices that are made, because they aren’t hers.

“This is all about a panicked Democratic Party throwing wild charges, innuendos and false statements about someone they know will beat Paul Hodes.’’

Democratic Party communications director Victoria Bonney said Ayotte made the statement about the cold-case unit and praising other federal stimulus grants mere weeks before she left the job last month.

“How can she be credible on the issues of the day if in the span of days she goes from a fan of stimulus money to an acidic critic?’’ Bonney asked rhetorically.

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