NH Advantage Invites Carol Shea Porter to Meet with her Constituents

US Rep. Shea-Porter finally buckles to pressure, schedules a public town hall twenty-six days into August Recess.


Concord, NH- The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition, host of “Defending the NH Advantage Pork Roast” invites U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter and other members of New Hampshire’s Congressional Delegation to conduct a much needed healthcare forum at the Rochester Fair Grounds, where several hundred of their constituents will be gathered on August 29th (Rochester is the hometown of Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter). The House August recess began on August 3rd and ends September 8th.


The sponsoring groups are Coalition of NH Taxpayers, Steward of Prosperity, The NH Republican Liberty Caucus, Cornerstone Policy Research, Small Business Owner Andrew Hemingway, and NH 9-12 Project.


NHAC Honorary Chairman (Fmr) Sen. George Lovejoy stated “We will have a couple hundred of Representative Shea-Porter’s Constituent’s meeting in a forum to discuss the current direction of government takeover of several key sectors of our economy. This meeting is being held in Shea-Porters hometown just minutes from where she resides, is an excellent opportunity for her to answer questions about her positions on these issues and others that concern NH taxpayers.


Sources are reporting that Rep. Shea-Porter will hold a town hall meeting at 11 am in Manchester and 2pm in Portsmouth on August 29th, as a group that represents taxpayers the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition invites Congresswoman Shea-Porter to discuss her support for the proposed healthcare reform with our members. The NH Advantage Coalition is willing to accommodate the Congresswoman in order to facilitate a constructive dialog regarding this legislation.


The Defending the NH Advantage Pork Roast is an event to highlight New Hampshire’s unique protection for businesses and taxpayers from the imposition of a sales or income tax, and continued support for the notion that low taxes are the result of low spending. NHAC has taken the position that the seizure of major industries by the government (healthcare, auto manufacturing, and energy production) is taking the taxpayers of our state and nation down a road of higher spending which will result in higher taxes.


NHAC Director Matthew Murphy stated “We hope Congresswoman Shea-Porter will take this opportunity to meet with her constituents that have concerns regarding the proposed government takeover of healthcare among other legislative issues.” He continued “Rep. Shea-Porter’s decision to finally meet with her constituents after weeks of continued public outcry and inquiring media pressure is a victory for New Hampshire voters. We join with our sponsors in requesting that Rep. Shea-Porter conduct a town hall at the Rochester Fair Grounds anytime Saturday August 29th.”


Portsmouth has been the site for several meetings on Healthcare this month including a Presidential visit – the communities from Derry to North Conway to Rochester have similar concerns as those in Portsmouth. During the month of August the Congresswoman offered limited availability to the voters of this district. In the first instance she made herself available to the membership of AARP that could make it onto a phone conference. In the final and only second instance to date she spent considerable time away from the voters of New Hampshire to address and consider the concerns of an ideological fringe liberal blogger’s convention in Pittsburgh, PA. Murphy stated, “NHAC requests that she make time to meet with constituents and the group members involved at the 2009 Pork Roast in her own hometown, a community she has forgotten this summer. The “Defending the New Hampshire advantage Pork Roast” will take place on August 29th from 11am to 3pm at the Rochester Fairgrounds.