NetRIght Daily: August Recess Continues On

The Free Market as Regulator: Since the bailouts last fall, lawmakers have been behaving as quasi-owners of the bailed-out banks and businesses, leading to calls for increased regulation of executive compensation and other wasteful expenditures. We have heard much about bonuses and executive pay packages that sound more like lottery winnings than an honest salary.


MSNBC: Barf Bag TV: Showing a carefully cropped shot of an armed protestor outside an Obama rally in Phoenix, Arizona, Brewer, Ratigan, and "Toure" proceeded to use the man as an example of the rampant white racism that threatens the very life of our first black President. The more they talked, the more they frothed. And, they soon became downright hysterical.


The SCHIP of State: Just how far will the politicians in Washington go to distort and pervert America's health care system? If their dubious manipulation of the SCHIP children's health insurance bill is any indication, the answer may be "to the ends of the earth."


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