NRCC - Carol Shea-Porter's Idea of Fiscal Responsibility: White House Ratchets Up Deficit Projection by $2 Trillion

Yet Another Hit Delivered to Democrats’ Big-Spending Agenda


Washington- Carol Shea-Porter will surely be backpedaling today as yet another vote for her party’s ongoing government spending spree has come back to bite her. Shea-Porter, who voted in favor of her party’s egregious and bloated federal budget, is now on the hook for an additional $2 trillion as the White House attempts to quietly ratchet up its deficit projections in the midst of a slow August news cycle.


“As was reported last week, the Obama administration announced today that it has revised its 10-year cumulative budget deficit projection to around $9.051 trillion, up from its February projection of $7.1 trillion.


“Administration officials said Monday that these numbers put their projection in line with the Congressional Budget Office’s June projection. These out-year deficits are about 4 percent of GDP, which the administration says is ‘higher than desirable.’” (Karen Travers, “White House: Budget Deficit Will Be $2 Trillion Higher than Projected,” ABC News, 8/25/09)


Was this what Shea-Porter had in mind just a few short months ago when she cast her vote in favor of yet another one of President Obama’s and Speaker Pelosi’s runaway spending plans? After Shea-Porter supported the Democrats’ budget in April, she boldly bragged that she had helped strengthen a struggling economy:


“‘This budget provides an honest assessment of our nation’s economic outlook and makes responsible investments in health care, education, and energy,’ Shea-Porter continued. ‘In order to put our country back on the path toward economic prosperity, we must make smart, broad investments now.’” (Press Release, 4/3/09)


“Did Carol Shea-Porter recklessly misjudge the economy to the tune of two trillion dollars of deficit or was she simply duped by her party bosses into voting for a budget that they couldn’t pay for?” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Two trillion might not seem like much to someone as out-of-touch as Carol Shea-Porter, but the New Hampshire families who will be stuck paying down that deficit would probably prefer to disagree. Shea-Porter owes an explanation to the folks back home as to why she put a nine trillion dollar deficit on the backs of their children and grandchildren.”


Unfortunately for New Hampshire families, it looks like they’ll be stuck paying down Carol Shea-Porter’s reckless budget vote for a long time to come.