NetRight Daily: Under the Cover of a Backroom Deal

Under the Cover of a Backroom Deal: After scanning news this week, one might notice a startling dearth of health care stories making headlines. Surprisingly, for most media outlets--be they liberal, conservative, a major news network or a basement blog--stories regarding public options, death panels, Obama's waning support, insurance companies, and the like were nowhere to be found.


The Free Market as Regulator: Since the bailouts last fall, lawmakers have been behaving as quasi-owners of the bailed-out banks and businesses, leading to calls for increased regulation of executive compensation and other wasteful expenditures. We have heard much about bonuses and executive pay packages that sound more like lottery winnings than an honest salary.


"Link You" Wednesday: This week we have a lot of blogs to thank for picking up our material. So let's kick this "Link You" Wednesday off by thanking American Power for covering the MSNBC scandal. And thank you to those who also covered: MidnightBlue, ARRA News Service, Political Postachio and Riehl World View.


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