NRN 500: Stop Cass Sunstein

Fellow Bloggers,


We have a newly emerging critical issue that I believe we can really sink our teeth into. In fact, it's an issue that if we do a full-court press, we may well be able to take the lead in determining the outcome.


As soon as the Senate returns from recess, Harry Reid has announced he intends to try to invoke cloture and ram through the nomination of Cass Sunstein as "Regulatory Czar." In that position, Sunstein would have ironclad control of every regulation the federal government inflicts on the American people. And, quite frankly, Sunstein is a Big Government regulatory control freak. Which is why at least one Republican senator has put a hold on the Sunstein nomination.


The letter (linked here) makes the case clearly as to why the American people have to keep Sunstein out of the driver's seat. Just to give you one example: Sunstein has repeatedly stated that he thinks farm animals should have equal protection rights with human beings. And he has proposed giving lawyers the right to represent cows, pigs, and chickens in a court of law!


Please read over the attached letter -- and then use your very impressive influence to help your many readers understand the importance of keeping Sunstein as far away from federal regulations as is humanly possible. It is urgent that we act now. The Senate will reconvene next week.


For Liberty,