NRSC - Hodes, Staff at Odds over Town Halls


Hodes, Staff at Odds over Town Halls


August 27, 2009 by Patrick


Democratic Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Paul Hodes (NH-02) has received no small amount of criticism for refusing to hold New Hampshire-style town hall meetings with constituents on the issue of health care during the congressional August recess.


After both the New Hampshire Union Leader and the Portsmouth Herald ran editorials criticizing Hodes—and Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01)—for refusing to hold unfiltered meetings with the public, Hodes’ staff promised reporters and the public the congressman was planning such events before Congress resumes its session next month.


Hodes’ chief spokesman Mark Bergman reassured reporters again on Wednesday saying Hodes would hold a town hall meeting in Nashua next week.


But Hodes himself is not so sure.


“We’re going to be in various forums all over the district talking about health care and other issues. I’m not sure whether or not we have anything in Nashua,” he told reporters while touring the Hillsborough County Child Advocacy Center.


Hodes has also faced criticism recently for saying it is unrealistic to expect members of Congress to read the bills they vote on.