CHQ - Hey Republicans, Quit Standing Up for Obama!

GOP Sees Tempered Optimism With Town Hall Protests
LA Times - "Spurred on by the success of their efforts to dominate the news at Democratic town hall meetings, conservative groups are reporting increases in membership lists and are joining forces to plan at least one mass demonstration in Washington next month. But the conservative mobilization has also created an unusual dilemma for Republican leaders, who want to turn the enthusiasm into election victories next year but find themselves the target of ire from many of the same activists." [find the story at news from the front]


In case you missed it:

Hey Republicans: Stop Standing Up for Obama! - The backlash against politicians at town halls is a bipartisan phenomenon. Both Republicans and Democrats have been feeling the heat from a very upset American public. This was shown very clearly at a recent town hall event for Senator John McCain, who opposed President Barack Obama in the 2008 elections. At this town hall, McCain was booed as he expressed that he "sincerely" trusts that Obama believes in the Constitution. [read the blog here]


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