AFP - Does Obamacare make Americans "Feel Guilty for Wanting to Live?"

Dear Friend,


It happened last week in the small town of Gate City, Virginia.


Your Americans for Prosperity team was wrapping up a Patients First bus tour event opposing the Obama/Pelosi health care takeover. Out of the corner of my eye I saw an elderly lady struggle to her feet. She gestured toward me and I walked over to her.


She was stooped from osteoporosis. She looked up into my eyes and said...


“It makes me feel guilty for wanting to live.”


You see, we had just detailed the “end of life” mandatory counseling provision of the Obama/Pelosi health care takeover for the crowd. Dr. Larry Hunter had just explained that on page 425 and 426 the House bill states that if you are a Medicare recipient you will receive counseling to learn about “end of life” options, including hospice and palliative care.


This has seniors worried. End-of-life decisions are intensely personal, and most Americans agree that they should be discussed with your family and your doctor. But do we need a government mandate for that?


If the government moves to control our health care dollars – by taxing us more to pay for government-run care – then the government will have its say in how those dollars are spent and which patients get the benefits.


Click here for the link that takes you directly to the language in the bill and see for yourself.


Then, I’m asking you to click here to give financially so that together we can defeat this outrageous legislation that expands government’s reach into our personal lives.


No American should ever “feel guilty for wanting to live.”


That sweet elderly lady in Gate City, Virginia is someone’s mother, someone’s grandmother, someone’s wife.


And, you and I should pledge today that on our watch she – and every other senior – will make end-of-life decisions with their family members and personal doctors, free of government intrusion.


You’ve been active with Americans for Prosperity for some time now. You know we seldom ask for financial help. We know the key is grassroots action – working with you to put pressure on these Washington, D.C. politicians through calls, e-mails, rallies, and petitions like our Patients First effort.


But, there are times when we need funds to pay for these rallies and bus tours. Last week, our Patients First bus tour made 27 stops in Virginia in 1 week. In fact, we hit my hometown of Leesburg on Friday (Pictures here).


This week we are holding two bus tours: one in Nebraska with 9 rallies and one in North Carolina with 30 stops. In addition, our national television advertising is running full bore in key states. All this effort costs money and a lot of it – millions in fact.


So, I’m asking you to step up and help us defeat this legislation by giving financially.


Will you help at this crucial time – just as Congress heads back to their districts and we attempt to turn up the pressure even higher?