CHQ - We Must Channel Guerilla Activism in Today's Battles

Guerilla Grassroots Mischief Strikes a Chord

CHQ Blog - A poster is mysteriously appearing around Los Angeles that features President Barack Obama masked in the "Joker" makeup of the villainous character from the 2008 Batman Thriller "The Dark Knight." While nobody knows the person responsible for this guerilla grassroots mischief, it is striking a chord with the liberal elite obsessively protective of their radical wonder-boy. It is time to kick this guerilla activism into high gear. The flurry of activism during Ron Paul's 2008 presidential campaign shows there are thousands of brilliant activists ready and waiting. The message of limited government and Constitutional values is still very much alive and very much worth defending.

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Town Hall Rebellion Should Flourish During Recess

The recent surge of grassroots activism at town hall meetings across the US is a great sign that Americans are tired of the failures of our elected officials to stop Obama's radical socialist agenda. Activists should take advantage of Congress' August recess with a new wave of protests at town hall meetings as Congressmen seek to reach out to constituents. Take these three simple steps to join in this "Town Hall Rebellion." Even if your elected officials are with the "good guys," they still have an obligation to step up to the plate and vocally come out against Obama. So far, very few have done this.

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