National Ballot Initiative Newsletter

We added about 1300 people to this monthly newsletter over the last year. That growth is all happening due to word of mouth and blogs and so forth. Keep up the good work. Tell your friends about NI4D and encourage them to visit our site. The momentum is building.


As you may be aware, The National Initiative for Democracy would add initiative to all levels of government in the United States. Initiative is important because it balances the power between you and your elected representatives, it completes suffrage in the sense that it allows you to vote not just for people, but also directly on issues, and finally, it ensures your freedom.


Marcus Cicero, over 2000 years ago, defined freedom as participation in power.


Power is lawmaking; if you don't participate in lawmaking, all you can do is live by the laws that are made for you. Either you live by their laws or you go to jail. Those who make the law have the power to constrain your freedom.


Follow the logic: If freedom is participation in power and power is lawmaking, then freedom is participation in lawmaking.


The key to freedom is the National Initiative; it gives the people the tools they need to make laws, to have direct oversight over the issues that affect their lives. Now THAT is freedom. The crux of the National Initiative is to share power and enjoy freedom.


I am pleased to report that we are finally providing some financial transparency. Last month we received a total of $60 in donations. This month's donations are updated hourly at It has long been our desire to provide more financial transparency, but until recently, nobody stepped forward to actually get the information published in real-time. That is our predicament as an organization with an all volunteer staff. If nobody volunteers then it doesn't get done.


Against a backdrop of about 230 articles over the last month blaming California's legislative initiative for the budget debacle (i.e. "ballot box budgeting"), the New York Times published an fascinating suggestion on July 28. In brief, California's initiative procedure has flaws, but getting rid of initiative is not the only solution! Elmendorf and Leib suggested that the majority party, minority party, and the governor submit a budget to a citizen jury consisting of randomly selected voters. After deliberating on the budget proposals for a week, the citizen jury would decide which budget to accept. Whether you agree with Elmendorf and Leib or not, it is refreshing to see news coverage of the California budget crisis that does not blindly recommend getting rid of legislative initiative! Visit NI4D Planet for more fascinating articles related to the quest to ex pand initiative.


If you have some free time, please get involved. Take a look at our current projects. There is plenty of work to go around. NI4D is a monumental project that deserves your monumental contribution.