NetRight Daily: Obama Slipping Further on Health Care

Turn in Obama for Suspicious Activity!: Obama is asking for us to report suspicious reports on Health Care. Essentially, he wants to find who is behind reporting the truth on his proposed socialized medicine.


Dr. Art Laffer Report on Socialized Medicine: Economist, Dr. Arthur Laffer, launched a new website today focusing on the Obama Socialized Medicine scheme. The site, Laffer Health Care Report, features Dr. Laffer's take on the plan that could destroy the country.


Rep. John Carter Discusses Censorship: Rep. John Carter tells us what is happening in Congress in regards to censorship on Health Care. This is a must watch!


The Leaderless Revolution: A revolution is taking place in America. It's as intangible as the whispering wind. Yet as ineluctable as mounting gale. To the politicians, it's still but a passing breeze rustling the hair at the nape of the neck. To the grassroots masses, it's rushing torrent destined to sweep the elite from the Halls of Power.


Be sure to watch Testing Government Run Health Care.


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