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NEWS FLASH: Watch Chairman Richard Viguerie at FreedomFest This Sunday at 1 a.m. and 10 p.m. you can watch Chairman Richard Viguerie talk about the future of the conservative movement on C-SPAN. Click here for more information.

New CHQ Feature Helps You Turn in Democrats to White House - Obama launched a new program encouraging citizens to report other spreading "misinformation" about Obamacare. In the spirit of this program, makes it easy for you to turn in Democrats who are telling lies about the true costs and effects of Obamacare. Visit to read the message and send your email to the White House. In the coming days, we will launch a contest at encouraging you to turn in Democrats! [click here to go to turn in a Democrat]


Daily Lickskillet: What will GroupThink Magazine look like after the redesign? Read today's Lickskillet by clicking here to find out!

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