Daily Grind: The Unsustainable Entitlement of ObamaCare

The Unsustainable Entitlement of "Obamacare"
The massive socialized medicine proposed by Barack Obama is much more than just another example of government pouring trillions of taxpayer dollars down the drain.


Editorial: Barack Obama Should Fire Jeff Immelt
Barack Obama should fire General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt from the Economic Recovery Advisory Board.


Washington's Newest Game Show "Cash for Clunkers"
Congress is up to the same old tricks of handing out "free money" and handing the bill to the taxpayers.


Special Edition: The Clews - Todd Report
In the third episode, the Executive Editor along with the Director of Research at ALG News discusses the Barack Obama's public support falling off a clifff.


Capitol Hill Censorship
Congressman John Carter tries to get the word out.