DSCC - Ayotte is Pro-Life, Opposes Gay Marriage




Source: Ayotte is Pro-Life, Opposes Gay Marriage


Kelly Ayotte


Republican senate candidate Kelly Ayotte is pro-life, supports the Second Amendment and opposes gay marriage, according to a prominent conservative activist who says she has discussed these issues with the recently-resigned state attorney general.


Karen Testerman, a veteran of many conservative campaigns in New Hampshire and who now lives out of state, tells NowHampshire.com, “Yes, I have discussed the issues with her. Yes, she is pro-life, pro-marriage between one man and one woman and pro-second amendment.”


“Kelly has been pretty true to the constitution and the letter of the law judging from her interpretation and actions of the past,” she added.


Testerman, a conservative Christian, has signed up on Facebook as a supporter of Ayotte’s senate run.


The revelations, which the Ayotte campaign did not confirm despite our request, might end speculation once and for all as to where she stands on key issues. Ayotte has been silent on her positions and her campaign has taken a wait-and-see attitude when questioned about the subject.


Ayotte’s positions on issues have been a mystery even to her supporters, as NowHampshire.com reported Tuesday. Former Republican State Senator and Congressional candidate Bob Clegg, a supporter, was quoted in Roll Call on Tuesday saying, “Would I call her a Republican or Democrat? I wouldn’t call her either. I think she’s one of the most thoughtful people on the political spectrum.”