Maybe Ayotte Is Waiting For Her Washington Handlers To Recommend A Position To Adopt



With a large, bipartisan confirmation of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the United State Supreme Court scheduled for this afternoon, Kelly Ayotte revealed once again that political gamesmanship matters more to her than doing the right thing by refusing to take a stand on her historic confirmation. Although Sonia Sotomayor’s credentials are impeccable, her judicial record untarnished, and her life story an inspiration to all, Kelly Ayotte has stayed silent on her position. The Senate has a unique and powerful role as the body that confirms Justices to the U.S. Supreme Court and voters have a right to know where Senate candidates stand on this important duty. Even New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg, who occupies the Senate seat Ayotte is eyeing, has said he will vote to confirm Judge Sonia Sotomayor.


“Judge Sonia Sotomayor has been hailed by both Republicans and Democrats as a moderate jurist and an independent thinker with outstanding credentials – but that doesn’t matter to Kelly Ayotte, who refuses to say how she would vote,” said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Communications Director Eric Schultz. “Maybe she is waiting for her Washington handlers to tell her what to say, but the voters of New Hampshire deserve to know where she stands.”


Unlike Ayotte, some Republicans have had the courage to put politics aside and speak out in favor of Sonia Sotomayor. Florida Senator Mel Martinez said “Judge Sotomayor is knowledgeable of the law, would be a fair and impartial judge, and seems to have a good understanding of the limited role the judiciary plays in our democracy,” while Missouri Senator Kit Bond said “I will support her; I'll be proud for her, the community she represents, and the American Dream she shows is possible.I will cast my vote in favor of the nomination of Judge Sotomayor, andI urge my colleagues to do the same.” New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg said “Judge Sotomayor is President Obama’s choice, and she is obviously well qualified to be the next Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. Her views and decisions, although strongly stated, are certainly not out of the mainstream of American jurisprudence or political thought.”


Judge Sonia Sotomayor is superbly qualified for the U.S. Supreme Court. After graduating summa cum laude from Princeton and serving on the Law Review at Yale Law School, Sotomayor served as a prosecutor, attorney in private practice, trial judge and appellate judge. Sotomayor has a 17-year record as a moderate, mainstream and independent judge. With her confirmation, Sonia Sotomayor will be the first Hispanic-American Supreme Court Justice.