Guinta For Congress - WHERE'S CAROL'S TOWN HALL?


No Sign of Carol Shea-Porter Scheduled Events for “Summer District Work Period”


Manchester, NH – The United States House of Representatives has recessed until September for the annual “Summer District Work Period,” but 1st District Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter has given no indication as to what events she will hold to meet with her constituents. Recently, as news reports have shown, there has been a significant focus on Town Halls being held across the country in order to promote the Shea-Porter supported government takeover of healthcare.


As an article on today aptly points out, New Hampshire is “town-hall-happy.”


New Hampshire constituents are renowned for being actively involved with their government’s decisions and strive for understanding and awareness. So, where is Carol Shea-Porter scheduled Town Hall?


“The purpose of this summer break is to give Congress men and woman the chance to talk with constituents and give them the chance to express their beliefs to their elected officials,” said Frank Guinta, 1st District Congressional Candidate. “One would think that if Congresswoman Shea-Porter was interested in doing either, a town hall would be one of the first things she schedules. I believe the people have the right to speak with those who represent them, I hope that the Congresswoman feels the same and follows through with a meeting face to face with citizens.”


One explanation may be the recent coverage of opponents to government run health care actually showing up at these events. “There has been a lot of focus in the news recently on the people who disapprove of the government takeover of health care, showing up at these public events. However, our Congresswoman’s job isn’t to gather a group of fans in a room, it’s to represent all constituents,” said Guinta. “I hope our Representative gives our citizens the opportunity to speak to her in person.”


In today’s Politico article, Shea-Porter also promoted the idea of a controlled environment for discussion through a tele-town hall, conducted over a phone line and not in person. Citizens are urged to reach out to Carol Shea-Porter and let her know they’d like to speak with her in person.