NRCC - Will Carol Shea-Porter Vote to 'Destroy Medicare?'

Dem Lawmaker Says Healthcare Takeover Devastating for Medicare; Will Shea-Porter Follow Suit or Turn Her Back on New Hampshire Seniors?


Washington- As Democrat leaders use the August recess to resuscitate their failing healthcare agenda, Carol Shea-Porter has a choice to make when she gets back to Washington: she can side with New Hampshire seniors or she can side with her party bosses by casting a vote for a government healthcare takeover that, in the words of one Democrat lawmaker, will ‘destroy medicare.’ Given Shea-Porter's history of choosing Nancy Pelosi’s priorities over her district’s, Colorado seniors have reason to be concerned. Hopefully for Shea-Porter's constituents, she will heed the words of fellow Democrat Eric Massa:


“Rep. Eric Massa said Tuesday he opposes the health care reform bill being considered by the House of Representatives because he's concerned it will ruin Medicare or that it could force tens of millions of Americans to buy supplemental insurance they don't need.


“‘I will not vote for something that I perceive will destroy Medicare,’ Massa, a Democrat from Corning, said in an afternoon meeting with the editorial board of the Star-Gazette.” (Roger Neumann, “Health Plan Would Hurt Medicare, Massa Says,” Elmira Star-Gazette, 8/5/09)


“New Hampshire seniors can only hope that Carol Shea-Porter will take a hint from fellow Democrats who are lining up to oppose Nancy Pelosi’s disastrous healthcare agenda,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Unfortunately, Shea-Porter's history of marching in lock-step with her party leaders does not bode well for those seniors that actually want to keep the healthcare plans that they have. With millions of Americans concerned about losing their current coverage, Carol Shea-Porter seems poised to once again turn her back on the people she claims to represent in order to deliver a vote for Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her party bosses.”


As Shea-Porter's constituents and her Democrat comrades alike voice their disapproval of Nancy Pelosi’s healthcare agenda, will Shea-Porter finally make the right call? New Hampshire seniors are still waiting for an answer.