RevolutionStation - Chris Dodds Days Are Numbered

Conservatives must UNITE!


We cannot afford to allow Chris Dodd to keep his seat. Here is our chance!!!


Connecticut's Liberal Senator, Chris Dodd Versus Republican Economist, Peter Schiff. The battle is on!


Dodd lied about Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac being fundamentally sound.


They went bankrupt 6 months later. Peter nailed it. Watch the 5 minute Video at (after you read the press release).


The SCHIFFATHON is on all day and night!


Peter has his new UPDATED website up and running and has already activated the fundraising widget at Schiff For Senate and over $400,000 has already been raised. At midnight tonight the fundraising widget at Retake Congress and The Schiffathon Website will be active!


Here is the latest poll from last week!


First major poll and Schiff within 3% of winning the election


2010 Senate: General Election (trends)

Simmons 48%, Dodd 39% (chart)
Dodd 42%, Caligiuri 40%
Dodd 42%, Foley 42%
Dodd 43%, Schiff 38%


MSNBC takes on Peter Schiff, Claims Chris Dodd will be the HERO of healthcare!


Help Peter throw this bum out! Join us all day and night, Friday August 7 at: