AFP - You and I are under attack

"Angry mobs of rabid right-wing extremists."
Brad Woodhouse, Democrat National Committee


"....manufactured anger. "
Robert Gibbs, White House spokesman


"experts at fake grassroots campaigns that promote corporate interests."
Rachel Maddow, MSNBC


"oil industry and Republican operative millionaires' club"
Rachel Maddow, MSNBC


This is what the elites in Washington, D.C. and the national media are saying about Americans like you who are simply standing up and defending your freedoms.


Hundreds of thousands of folks like you are attending rallies, going to congressional town hall meetings, e-mailing and calling your member of Congress, and telling these politicians to vote NO on the health care takeover and the jobs-killing cap-and-trade energy tax.


And, because you're speaking out - simply telling YOUR elected representatives how you want them to vote - you are being vilified, demeaned and attacked by the Obama administration, by many politicians in Congress and by the national media.


This week, I've been on the road doing AFP rallies against cap-and-trade in Monroe, LA; El Dorado, AR; Jonesboro, AR; Sikeston, MO and Evansville, IN. I've met literally hundreds upon hundreds of the greatest Americans there are - the man in his 80s in Monroe who flew and fought with the Flying Tigers in China in WWII and is still defending freedom today; the refinery worker in El Dorado who brought his three kids to their first political event because "it's such an important time"; and the lady in Sikeston who is putting 40 hours a week into building a local tea party organization because she "couldn't live with myself if I didn't do something."


Yet, these American citizens and many more like them are being viciously attacked because they care enough about their country and their families to get involved.


Americans for Prosperity is under the same kind of aggressive assault.


You see, the other side thinks they will be able to intimidate you and me.


But they are wrong. They have misjudged us.


I'm asking you to send a message that you're not going to be intimidated by going to more town hall meetings, attending rallies in your area, calling and e-mailing your members of Congress, and getting your family members and friends involved.


Go to our website for ways to get involved CLICK HERE. This weekend alone
AFP has the following coming up:


6 stops on the Patients First "Hands off My Health Care Bus Tour" in Colorado
8 stops on the bus tour in North Carolina


Click here to find a bus stop near you! We'll be heading to Pennsylvania and North Dakota next week.

Also in Pennsylvania, AFP Foundation will be holding its 2nd annual RightOnline conference to train activists on how to be more effective using new media. CLICK HERE to register!


We'll be back on the road the week of August 17 with our "Cost of Hot Air tour" in Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia and Virginia. Meanwhile, Patients First "Hands Off My Health Care" rallies will be rolling through Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, and onward!


In fact, to see our entire massive roster of events please CLICK HERE.


On October 2nd, AFP is hosting a massive rally at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., right in the middle of the final congressional battle over health care and cap-and-trade. I hope you'll join us. CLICK here for info.


Also check our website for listings we have of congressional town hall meetings. If you don't see one listed in your area, find out where they're happening and send us the info so we can post it.


We have our opponents disoriented and on the defensive. The clearest sign: instead of focusing on the supposed benefits of their health care takeover and cap-and-trade, they are now in full attack mode focusing their fire on you and me.


Their attacks will fail....if we refuse to be intimidated into backing off.