CEI Weekly: Policy Translated

>>[VIDEO]Policy Translated: Technology Regulation

This week Vice President for Policy Wayne Crews discusses the government’s role in regulating new technologies as part of CEI's latest video series. We takecomplicated policy issuesand translatethem into basic English withthe help of hilariously straightforwardsubtitles.


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>>Shaping the Debate

Health reform can’t copy auto insurance

Eli Lehrer quoted in The Detroit News



Trustbusters Should Lay Off Microsoft and Yahoo

Ryan Young op-ed in The Washington Examiner



FCC Sticks Its Nose Into Google Voice App Flap

Ryan Radia quoted in E-Commerce Times



The Antitrust Anachronism

Wayne Crews quoted in The Wall Street Journal



Microsoft-Yahoo Search Pact Raises Antitrust Issues

Ryan Young quoted in Yahoo Finance



Beach Houses: Owned by the Rich, Paid for by Everyone

Eli Lehrer quoted in Citizens Against Government Waste Wastewatcher



Bermuda insurers hit back at controversial Neal Bill

Eli Lehrer quoted in The Royal Gazette



Bill Closing Tax Loophole For ‘Offshores’ Introduced

Eli Lehrer quoted in National Underwriter News




>>Best of the Blogs

Health-Care “Reform” Always Costs More Than Promised

by Hans Bader

"When the government creates a new entitlement to health-care, it costs far more than predicted. That’s the depressing truth told by former Congressman Tim Penny (D-MN) and former Senator Rudy Boschwitz (R-MN), casting doubt on whether the trillion-dollar price tag of Obama’s health-care plan even begins to capture its colossal, budget-exploding cost."



Policy Peril Segment 5: Is the Science Debate “Over”?

by Marlo Lewis

"Despite what you’ve heard over and over again, these basic issues are unsettled, and more so now than at any time in the past decade. The science debate is not “over.” Reports of the death of climate skepticism have been greatly exaggerated."



Reporting the Hidden Costs of Stimulus

by Ryan Young

"The media is great about reporting on what is seen – Sara Kelley and the others. The media is not so good at reporting on what is not seen – opportunities taken away by the stimulus; opportunities that never came to be because the money they required was instead spent on Joab Gonzalez’s youth training program."



Carney on Cash for Clunkers

by Ivan Osorio

"Now, as Congres considers an additional $2 billion in funding for Cash for Clunkers, the Obama administration is refusing to release data on the effectiveness of the program. But hey, it’s not like this administration and Congress have tried to rush legislation before!"




>>LibertyWeek podcast

Episode 54: Read My Lips

Your host Richard Morrison welcomes back guest co-hosts Michelle Minton and Jeremy Lott for Episode 54 of the LibertyWeek podcast. We start with ominous hints of new taxes, California state employees making strike threats and the possible antitrust implications of the Microhoo partnership. We continue with a double-dipping pay scandal, the suppression of dissent in Venezuela and some fully transparent Olympic News.




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