DSCC - WASH POST: NH Senate Race One of Top Primaries In Country

9. New Hampshire Senate (R): National Republicans rejoiced when Kelly Ayotte announced that she would resign as the state's attorney general to pursue a run for Senate. But, the increasingly likely candidacy of Ovide Lamontagne, who was the party's nominee for governor in 1996, complicates Ayotte's path to the nomination. Lamontagne would run to Ayotte's ideological right and use the support she has won from Washington Republicans against her. Remember that New Hampshire Republicans don't like being told what to do, priding themselves on their willingness to buck the party and choose the candidate they think best suits their state. See "McCain, John" in the 2000 presidential primaries. (Previous ranking: N/A)


Washington Post: Friday Line: Primary Colors

Chris Cillizza 8/7/09