LFOD Rally Shoot Injunction

To Whom It May Concern,


The LFOD Rally organizer's call out to 2nd amendment supporter's to beaware of this situationwith the Town of Jaffrey injunctionagainst thedemonstration shoot feature at Live Free Or Die Rally. The hearingis being held atKeene Cheshire County Superior Court Friday August 14th at 1.30 PM if any would like to appear in support.


We have all the other permit's and the LFOD rally is a go with hundred's of reservations. However, the Town fascist'sare still fighting allowing the Appleseed shoot feature at LFOD Rally. We or the Grand View Inn are not asking for a permanent commercial shooting range, just that Appleseed Projectbe allowed to have a one time free demonstration shoot under their and all of our's second amendment rights.


Thank You,

Jean Coutu, caacp01@aol.com, http://livefreeordierally.com