NetRight Daily: Time To Stop Cass Sunstein

Fellow Bloggers,

Please write to your Senator NOW and tell them to Vote No on Cass Sunstein. To get more info on Sunstein, click here. Here are today's top stories on NetRight Nation and other relevant information:


Sorting Fact from Fiction on Health Care: In recent town-hall meetings, President Barack Obama has called for a national debate on health-care reform based on facts. It is fact that more than 40 million Americans lack coverage and spiraling costs are a burden on individuals, families and our economy. There is broad consensus that these problems must be addressed. But the public is skeptical that their current clinical care is substandard and that no government bureaucrat will come between them and their doctor. Americans have good reason for their doubts--key assertions about gaps in care are flawed and reform proposals to oversee care could sharply shift decisions away from patients and their physicians.


A High Honor for NetRight Nation: I started NetRight Nation just over a year ago. In the last year, we have done quite a bit with the site and I hope that many of you find this a useful place to get news and information. Over the weekend I received the highest honor possible in blogging. NETRIGHT NATION WAS NAMED TO AN ENEMIES LIST BY SOME COMMIE BLOGGER. I would like to think that I am doing something right when I make it onto a list like this.


ObamaCare: The Left's Mor(t)al High Ground: Barack Obama has apparently now been advised to shift the ground in the debate over health care reform, to get it away from discussions about specific provisions in the pending legislation (whether it will force us to unplug grandma or use our tax dollars to pay for others' abortions) and get it onto a far loftier moral high ground.


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