It’s the Last Day Of August And Paul Hodes STILL Hasn’t Announced Plans For A Town Hall Meeting


CONCORD – On the final day of August, Congressman Paul Hodes is still refusing to announce plans for a traditional town hall meeting on health care. Hodes has spent his entire summer break meeting with liberal bloggers, union bosses and special interest groups while avoiding face-to-face contact with voters.


“Paul Hodes has spent the entire August recess avoiding town hall meetings and dodging questions about his support for a disastrous government takeover of health care. He’s let down the residents of the Second Congressional District and shown the rest of New Hampshire that he would make a lousy US Senator,” said NHGOP Communications Director Ryan Williams.


On Friday, The Keene Sentinel slammed Congressman Hodes in an editorial criticizing his failure to meet face-to-face with his constituents. The paper also stated that his senatorial aspirations have been damaged by his failure to hold a traditional town hall meeting to discuss his support for legislation that would result in the rationing of health care.


“[Hodes’] record of directly facing the public during the current health care debate is surprisingly thin — this at a time when other congressmen and senators elsewhere in the country have consciously stepped into the line of critical fire,” writes the Sentinel. “Hodes says he wants to be in the U.S. Senate, which is his right. But his prospects of getting there...certainly aren’t enhanced by his recent performance on health care.”


On Thursday, Congressman Hodes denied reports that he was quietly planning a health care forum in Nashua this week - contradicting earlier statements made by his spokesman. Hodes refused to answer further questions about any future plans to hold town hall meetings according to the Nashua Telegraph (8/27).


“It’s time for Mr. Hodes to stop playing games with his constituents and finally hold a town hall meeting to answer questions about his disastrous heath care agenda,” said Williams.