YRNF - President Obama Addresses Joint Session of Congress

Young Republicans joined Americans across the Country in listening to President Obamawith the hope thathe would follow through on his promise for an honest debate on health care reform. Unfortunately, the President simply tried to be a salesman, not a leader. The public did notneed an explanation ofthe Obamacare proposal currently before Congress. The American people know what exactly what is in his plan...and they do not approve of it. The multiple townhall meetings held across the country are clear examples of that dislike.

We sincerely hope President Obama follows through in listening to Republican Proposals that focus on the affordability of health insurance. Until that happens, we call on Young Republicans and concerned citizens across this country to continue to educate our friends and neighbors and tell our Congressmen to back bipartisan, common sense solutions.


Check out the following article on the current health care debate in a new online magazine for conservative women called American Maggie: http://www.americanmaggie.com/young-republicans