CHQ - Obama Relaunches Conservative Movement; Enter the ObamaCare Contest

Richard Viguerie: Obamacare is Restarting the Conservative Movement - In a statement following President Barack Obama's speech on health care, editor Richard A. Viguerie says that "Obama is re-launching the conservative movement" with his far-left agenda. "Because President George W. Bush's administration and the Republicans in Congress abandoned conservative principles and massively expanded government, many grassroots conservatives and activists dropped out of politics," says Viguerie. "However, thanks to President Obama's and Nancy Pelosi's massive political overreach, which has frightened and angered conservatives and many independents, they've launched a thousand Tea Parties and town hall meetings and put new life in the conservative movement." Viguerie also chides Republican leaders for being "absent from the biggest political battle of the 21st Century." [read and comment]



Obama is lying about Obamacare, so it's up to conservatives to spread the truth.  Do this by offering your slogan for Obamacare in this exclusive contest.  If your slogan is the best, you can win a poster with your submission on it!


To enter, please visit here.


  Here are some slogans we already received:


"Obamacare: Their Decision. Your Life."

"Don't let healthcare go Postal"

"Obamacare:  You will live without it!"


To see the poster, or to offer your submission, visit here.


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