NetRight Daily: Pelosi Is Still Under Obama's Hypnosis

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Pelosi:  Obama, The Greatest Orator of All Time:  Pelosi is still under Obama's hypnosis.  Kennedy, Roosevelt, Lincoln -- President Obama matched them all.


Honduras, A Victory for Term Limits:  Most Americans are by now familiar with the recent turmoil in Honduras resulting in the ouster of former President Manuel Zelaya. What many do not realize, however, is that the entire episode occurred because Zelaya attempted to violate that nation's Constitution by gutting its highly cherished term limit laws.


Enough to Make Your Blood Boil:  Chris Edwards, the Cato Institute's top maven on federal budget issues, has just published a highly revealing article on federal pay scales that will make most people's blood boil -- except, of course, for federal bureaucrats who are too busy dozing off in their easy chairs to read anything other than the occasional comic page and the union news raise reviews.


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