CHQ - Conservative ‘Funding Father’ Richard Viguerie Trains Tea Party Leaders

(Manassas, Virginia)  Longtime conservative Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of, provided training to about 120 Tea Party leaders at a seminar he held in conjunction with the group's march on Washington, D.C.


The seminar covered the following key topics:

How to use new and alternative media ('under-the-radar' media) to challenge blue dog Democrats in primaries;

How to get money, volunteers and members for your Tea Party;

How to challenge big-government Republicans in primaries;

How to challenge Massachusetts legislators who support changing their election law regarding Ted Kennedy's replacement; and

How to bypass the mainstream media, and go directly into voters' homes with your message.

Viguerie also discussed the need for conservatives to stop playing the American version of the 'Brezhnev Doctrine.' Viguerie said, "For too long conservatives have conceded the Democratic Party to the liberals, and accepted that we would battle the left for control of the Republican Party. Tea Party activists are not wedded to working within the GOP, and they've demonstrated the effectiveness of not being beholden to one party or another."
Viguerie told the Tea Party leaders, "Direct mail as well as the many other forms of new and alternative media, such as the Internet, is mostly 'under the radar,' and the establishment big-government politicians won't appreciate the strength of your campaigns. These alternative media let you get your message directly to the people without the filter of the mainstream media, so you actually become a better source of political 'news' for millions of Americans."

Others who provided training, under the new Viguerie Marketing Institute, were Benjamin A. Hart, President of Direct Marketing Institute, on Internet fundraising, and Diana Banister, a partner in Shirley and Banister Public Affairs, on media relations for grassroots groups.