AFP - Today, we took back Washington DC

Today, our freedom movement took back Washington, D.C. for an exhilarating day.

Hundreds of thousands of freedom fighters descended on our nation's Capitol for a march that sends a crystal clear message to the Washington politicians: "We're not going to take it anymore."

Hopefully, you were one of the hundreds of thousands of grassroots activists marching down Pennsylvania Avenue and ending up on the steps of the United States Capitol building. If you could not make it, go to our Americans for Prosperity website for pictures of the amazing scenes.

Today's Taxpayer March brought to Washington, D.C. the same energy, determination, and passion that has been sweeping our nation from coast to coast at tea parties, town hall meetings, bus tours and rallies.



Activists outside the Capitol

We brought both of our "Hands Off My Health Care" buses off the road and to the March on Washington. I saw so many of the great local tea party organizers and grassroots activists that we've met on the road over the last year. And, I saw so many of our Americans for Prosperity activists who were awed by the day.

A special thank you is in order for the national tea party groups like Tea Party Patriots and the 9/12 rally leaders who worked so hard to make today a reality. And thanks to so many of you for coming to Washington or going to 9/12 rallies in your area. You're making a difference and we're going to win.

Earlier, I mentioned that we took Washington back for a day. The politicians have heard us. They know literally millions of Americans from all walks of life are mobilized like never before. President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and their friends have awakened a sleeping giant.

But, they don't believe we will stay the course.

They believe if they are patient, if they talk of "consensus" and "compromise" and 'bi-partisan solutions" then they will get their way on the health care takeover, on the job killing cap-and-trade scheme and the rest of their liberal agenda.

Today was another huge step in letting these politicians know that we are not going away, not growing weary, not losing interest.

In the weeks and months ahead, we're going to demonstrate that we're Americans -- and that means we're willing to stay the course to defend our freedoms.

Much lies ahead.