AFPNH - The "Mob" Goes to Washington!

With the Congressional recess over and Congress back to work in Washington, we must remain vigilant. We will continue to fight for health care reform that does not include a government takeover and we will continue to fight against the job-killing tax-increasing cap-and-trade scheme. The battle will be heated and long but we can win with your assistance!

Congress may have been on recess during August, but we were not.

At Americans for Prosperity, we have taken our Hands Off My Health Care buses to 14 states!  We organized a protest of President Obama’s visit to Portsmouth, NH that was attended by more than 1,000 concerned citizens from across our great state. During August, I appeared on Fox News, CNN, Campbell Brown, Good Morning America and over 400 radio stations across the country to stand up for common sense health care reform.

We are winning the fight but we need your help to continue. We have also been collecting signatures for our Hands Off My Health Care petition.

We have implemented our “Where is Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter campaign?” on the topic of health care reform. This campaign includes signs asking where the Congresswoman is, search parties in local communities and milk cartons with her picture on them to see if anyone in the Granite State can find the Congresswoman.

As you know, once the members of Congress really get down to business in D.C. they'll be surrounded by lobbyists, the Obama Administration, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid.  We know the pressure to sell us out on health care and cap-and-trade will be enormous.

That's why I'm asking YOU to come to Washington, D.C. on October 2nd and 3rd for Americans for Prosperity Foundation's Defending the American Dream ™ National Summit where AFP will sponsor its own Town Hall meeting at the Capitol to keep the pressure on members of Congress.  Click here for details.

Be an early bird and save $20 off individual registration or $40 off family registration if you act before September 15, 2009. AFP NH will be sponsoring a free bus trip to and from Washington, DC to attend the Defending the American Dream ™ National Summit!

To simply register as an individual or family, send us ( your registration confirmation e-mail including the list of registered attendees and you will be provided the date and time of the departing bus.

Click here to register today!

Newt Gingrich will be our headline speaker along with FOX News contributor Stephen Moore, freedom champions in Congress like Senator Jim DeMint (SC), Congressman Mike Pence (IN), and Michele Bachmann (MN) and many others.

But most importantly, YOU and thousands of fellow freedom fighters will be in Washington during the most crucial moment in the health care and cap-and-trade battle. 

Washington 's professional politicians and their friends in the national media need to hear from you.

Speaker Pelosi vilified us as "un-American."  Majority Leader Reid demonized us as "evil-mongers."  The Obama Administration dismissed us as "astroturf" and "Brooks Brothers" activists full of "manufactured anger." 

On October 2nd and 3rd, you can show them who we really are -- grassroots Americans willing to take time away from our families and jobs and communities to come to Washington to stand up for our freedom.